Hony®PTFE (commonly known as Plastic King, Teflon)


Hony®PTFE (commonly known as Plastic King, Teflon)

PTFE is distinguished by its slippery surface and has high melting point, and resistance to attack by almost all chemicals. it is also fabricated into industrial products, including bearings, pipe liners, and parts for valves and pumps

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Product Details

Name: Hony® PTFE (commonly known as Plastic King, Teflon)
Color contains
- Natural (white), Black, Other colors
-Bars, Sheets, Tubes, Profiles
--- Other sizes, colors can be customized.
--- Length, width, thickness, and diameter tolerances will vary due to actual production.
--- Color and grade can be customized.
I. Introduction
Hony® PTFE, also known as PTFE sheet, is molded from suspension polymerized polytetrafluoroethylene resin. Among fluoroplastics, polytetrafluoroethylene is widely used and is the largest
and most important variety in the fluoroplastic family. Teflon exhibits amazing chemical
resistance and is basically resistant to most chemical materials. With good self-lubricating
properties, it is an ideal material for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant gaskets and seals.
The temperature range is very wide - 180- 260 °C.

Thickness (mm)
Width × Length (mm)

300mm/500mm/1000mm X L(any length)mm

1000mm X1000mm/1200mm X 1200mm


Diameter (mm)
Length (mm)



Diameter (mm)
Length (mm)


Levels include:
Hony® PTFE+GF: A reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene material modified with a PTFE-modified
glass fiber filler. It has excellent overall performance: high temperature resistance (-200°C-260) °C), corrosion resistance (strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia, etc.), weather resistance, high
insulation, high lubrication, non-adhesion, non-toxic and other excellent characteristics.
Hony® PTFE+graphite: PTFE+graphite PTFE graphite filled rod, pure black color, good surface
brightness, long-term use temperature -200 °C - 260 °C. Relatively pure PTFE wear-resistant,
conductive, heat-conductive, easy to disperse.
Hony® ESD PTFE: Anti-static PTFE (anti-static PTFE) commonly known as anti-static plastic king, anti-static F4, or anti-static Teflon. The antistatic value of all parts is 10^6-10^9, and the typical properties of PTFE are retained, and the chemical resistance and wear resistance are wide.
Hony® PTFE+Ceramic/Metal: It is modified with PTFE-modified metal or ceramic filler to improveits wear resistance and thermal conductivity.
II. Features
♦ Superior corrosion resistance, except for some fluoride and alkaline metal liquids
♦ Flame retardant performance, oxygen limit index below 90
♦ Low coefficient of friction
♦ Non-sticky, self-lubricating performance
♦ High temperature and low temperature resistance, temperature range from -200 to 260 °C
♦ Excellent electrical insulation properties
♦ Weathering resistance
♦ Low permeability, good gas barrier
♦ Good physiological compatibility and antithrombotic
III. Field of application
♦ Corrosion resistant, used in the manufacture of various chemical containers and parts, such asstorage tanks, reactors, equipment linings, valves, pump bodies, joints, filter materials, separationmaterials, corrosive fluid medium pipes, etc. Products in contact.
♦ For wear resistance, it is used to manufacture dynamic and static seal rings, piston rings, gaskets, valve seats, bearings, bushings, sliders and guide rails.
♦ Insulation materials, used to manufacture a variety of high temperature resistant, high
frequency electrical insulation and arc resistant products, such as high frequency cables,
moisture resistant cables, capacitor coils, wire insulation sheaths, etc.
♦ Medical materials, such as artificial blood vessels, artificial heart, artificial esophagus, artificial peritoneum, artificial heart and lung device, various cannula and catheter.
♦ Non-stick material for coated products such as non-stick pans, anti-stick rolls for food
processing machines, etc.
PTFE is distinguished by its slippery surface, high melting point, and resistance to attack by almost all chemicals. These properties have made it familiar to consumers as the coating on nonstick cookware; it is also fabricated into industrial products, including bearings, pipe liners, and parts for valves and pumps

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