Turcite®X rod

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Turcite®X rod

Turcite® X is a fluoropolymer based material designed for low load and high speed applications, and is easily machined. It is a very structurally stable material because of its low expansion properties. Typical applications are bearings and bushings.

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Product Details

Turcite X
Turcite®X Description
Turcite®X is a self-lubricating thermoplastic bearing materials. These materials are cost effective, chemically resistant, wear resistant, and are well suited to a wide range of temperatures. Turcite® A and Turcite® X are acetal-based materials and their properties and applications can be compared to those of more well-known Delrin AF®. Turcite® materials are available in rod form only. Turcite® TX ( also known as Turcite® X ) Turcite® X excels in low load and high speed applications, and can be easily machined. It has minimal hygroscopic characteristics and possesses low thermal expansion properties, resulting in a structurally stable material. Its maximum continuous service temperature is also 180°F (80°C). Turcite® X has lower friction than Turcite® A. It is RED in color.

Turcite®X Characteristics
1. Long service life 2. No stick slip 3. Excellent self-lubricating properties 4. Tear resistance, good wear resistance, chemical
resistance 5. Low hygroscopicity, low thermal expansion 6. All bars are rigorously annealed to avoid stress cracking 7.
Performance is similar to Delrin AF®, but Turcite® is made from an acetal copolymer that reduces material voids, avoiding material
centerline porosity.
Turcite®X Application
Thrust washer
Seal, seal
Cam follower
Cam follower roller
Cam follower
Sleeve, sleeve
Various wear surfaces
Screw material
Shifter bushing, shifting bushing

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